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It can be quite overwhelming to pick and purchase the right camping tools for a camping trip. Sporting good stores and online camping stores presents an array of choices. It is easy to get lost among the merchandise. Before making your purchase and packing for your trip, you must ensure that everything is worth your money and effort. First, create a list of camping tools that you need, rather than what you want. Start with the basics like camping tents, sleeping bags, food and water, first aid kid, waterproof matchsticks and multipurpose knives. Add to the list other camping tools for specific needs such as kindling for starting a fire, a small handsaw and hand axe for cutting wood, camping stoves for cooking meals and toiletries for personal hygiene. Also include cooking and eating utensils such as ladles, spoon, forks, or mess kit.

The right camping tools will ensure your survival and protection in your camping trip. Do not forget to include waterproof flashlights, extra batteries, binoculars, maps, compass and GPS. It would also be a good idea to pack butane lighters, duct tape, pliers, rope and sewing kits. Pack a rain gear in case it rains. The weather and the season are other factors to consider for picking your camping gear. Are you camping in summer or winter? Bring rain tarps in case it rains and thermal socks and sweatshirts to keep warm in winter. You can personalize your camping gear as long as you able to handle the weight from your pack. However, opt for gear that you need, rather than what you want.

Victorinox Swiss Cheese Knife
Time Remaining: 30m
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4 Inch Camping Multi Tool Knife Fork Bottle Opener Spool Corkscrew Outdoor Tool
Time Remaining: 32m

Multifunction key shaped 6 in 1 Utili tool tools Pocket Knife Picnic Portable
Time Remaining: 32m
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New Eagle Knife Machete
Time Remaining: 33m

Time Remaining: 34m
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Mini Multifunction Folding Camping Pliers Portable Knife Hiking Outdoor Tool
Time Remaining: 39m

Time Remaining: 40m
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RealSteel M6 Orange G10 8Cr14MoV Handle Folding Knife w bottle opener
Time Remaining: 42m
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Real Steel M6 Red G10 Handle 8Cr14MoV Multifunction Tool Folding Knife
Time Remaining: 53m
Buy It Now for only: $34.90

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