Camping Lantern

Another must have item in a camper's arsenal are good quality lanterns. They provide light while setting up your tent or while cooking food. They also useful especially when night comes or when you got lost in the dark during a camp. A form of the outdoor lantern light has been used for ages and continue to evolve as technology progresses. Basically, there are three types of camping lanterns. They are candle type, cartridge type, and electric type. Candle type is the most primitive among the three. It offers quiet operation, ease of ignition, and light weight. It is also the simplest and least demanding type because it does not require bulb replacement, batteries, or mantle repair. Furthermore, the absence of glass bulbs and other accessories makes it compact and easy to store. The average burning time of each candle is nine hours. The only flaw it has is that it does not give off much light making it unsuitable if you want to read a book while camping. However, the dim candle lit it offers can be used in having a romantic dinner in the wild if you are camping with your wife. Cartridge type does not only give off light but also heat making it ideal for a winter camp. It uses certain fuel or gas to produce light. It is usually designed to have a glass or metal mesh as a globe-like structure around the flame. For metal mesh, it is less fragile compared with glass but obstructs passage of light. Campers sometimes complain on the buzz that it creates once lit. If you chose this type, you can consider bringing cartridge type that uses the same fuel with other equipment you use such as stove.

Electric type lanterns are becoming popular nowadays because it does not need fuel and even provides very bright light comparable to a fireplace. They are powered mostly by battery. If those battery runs out of power, it can be replaced or recharged through solar or wind energy. Other advanced model also has added features on it such as a portable radio and a siren. Because it does not give off actual flame, it gives you an added protection against accidental burning. But unlike the cartridge type, it does not generate heat that can be used during cold nights. Some type will be perfect for some people because it can serve for their purpose very well. In addition, wild animals can be avoided while camping because most of them do not come close to light, lanterns can also provide some protection against animals apart from light and heat.

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