Camping Cookware

Camping cookware might be slightly different from home kitchen cookware. While cookware for home use lasts for a couple of years, cookware for camping should be more durable than the common ones. This is because cookware usage and handling in camps is more demanding than home cooking. Just like any other kitchenware, camp cookware has different types and each has its own feature. These features should always be considered when bringing cooking materials on a camp. If you usually travel to the campsite by car or RV, it might not be bad at all to bring heavy wares and do your grilling outdoors on a full sized grill. But if you prefer to have a good walk to the site, you might not want to have the hassle of bringing heavy pots and pans with you and so, you should go for the lighter ones.

Cookware made with different materials has its pros and cons. Aluminum wares are the cheapest among others and known to be a good heat conductor giving less chance of burned foods. But, it also easily dents and might not last as long. Titanium wares are durable and do not dent and scratch- but compared with aluminum, it is very expensive and is not as good of a heat conductor. So you have to watch your cooking to avoid burning your food. You may also want to consider the ease of cleaning in choosing your cookware. Non-stick cookware can be used in camping and is obviously the easiest to clean. However, once the special coating has been damaged or scratched, it loses its non-stick capability and it will eventually turn into any other normal cookware. Cooking gear with round edge also aids in easy cleaning. It is also worth considering the lids and space consumption of your pans and pots. Tight-fitting lids not only avoid food spills but also help in saving fuel. Space saving cookware allows you to have more storage for other items during a camp.

Choosing the right camping cookware is as important as choosing the best campsite. Remember that enjoyable and memorable camp experiences not only come from beautiful scenery, but also in having a delightful meal after long hours of outdoor adventure.

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