Camp Showers

Some campsites have built-in camp showers where campers can step in the water and have a refreshing bath. Some people are reluctant to take a bath in the camp if these facilities are not provided. You have the option to buy ready-made camping showers or to improvise one. If you decide to buy, make sure that the water tank can hold enough water to clean yourself thoroughly. Some shower kits are larger than others so pick the proper kit. You may also want to check if it comes with a shower head or simply a water hose.

If you are on a tight budget, you can improvise using common household materials. You can try using a water jug and a hose. The jug will serve as your water bucket and put it on an elevated place. Hanging it on a tree branch is a good idea. Then, submerge one end of the hose in the water, do a little sucking on the other end and voila… there is your shower! If you want to turn it off, simply turn up the open end of the hose. You can also be more creative by using some scientific principles in improvising your shower. Try to have a see-through material such as plastic bag, blacken it, and fill it with water. Before leaving the site for a walk, leave it in a place with a good sunlight exposure. As a result, the water will warm for a shower. By the time that you will use it, hang it somewhere and take your shower by slightly opening its lid or by putting several holes on it.

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Going camping can make you dirty and uncomfortable. Seeing all those sights during camping is somewhat pampering but nice camp showers can add more delightful treat for you.

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